MosqKilla X1

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Keep Outdoor Fun

Banish pesky mosquitoes from your outdoor fun and indoor tranquility! Introducing the MosqKilla X1 – your ultimate weapon against buzzing nuisances.

Non-Toxic Solution

Experience the ultimate peace of mind with our chemical-free solution, ensuring the safety of your beloved pets and children while eliminating pests from your living space.

Awake in bliss!

Revel in peaceful mornings! With our MosqKilla X1, wake up refreshed, no buzzing or bites to disturb your tranquility.

Fast Charging

Experience lightning-fast charging and long-lasting power with our innovative device. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to uninterrupted productivity!

About MosqKilla X1

Applicable area

up to 50 square meters

Charging method


Small trick to attract more mosquitos in the trap
  1. Pour a little yogurt, sugar, apple cider vinegar, watermelon, or apple peel.
  2. Place the bait on the bottom of the mosquito collection container and the mosquito will get attracted.

Get to know MosqKilla X1

What is the size?

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